"​Enriching The Lives Of The Youth"

What is S.T.E.P?

S.T.E.P is a youth development program created to expose participants to a specific set of real-life concepts ideal for preparing Generation Z for the real world. This program is intended to provide information and experiences that develop competencies, values, and connections essential for experiencing a well-rounded and successful adult life.


Our S.T.E.P. program is geared towards youth from 3rd to 12th grade. It is structured to instill the importance of community, to develop financial awareness, stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and promote a positive lifestyle. 

Service to our         Communities






  Lifestyle Choices

Goal: To develop a conscious awareness of ethics, civic and social responsibility, All while encouraging active community involvement through selfless giving.

Goal: To introduce and illustrate the concept of financial literacy in a way that is relatable, applicable, and rewarding to establish strong financial decision-making skills for right now, and in preparation for the future.

Goal: To expose learners to business ownership knowledge and skills and present them in a way that inspires business thinking on multiple scales making the possibility real and attainable.

Goal: To discover self-worth by instilling the idea of personal care and maintenance through a healthy balance of physical, mental and inner-personal wellness practices that lead to overall peace and happiness.